Red Shoe Project – August 2009

by The Red Recruiter on September 7, 2009

Red Shoes RSPChicago - Various4 - Chicago, IL2August has past and Red Shoe Project is catching up!

Last month was a big deal for RSP!  For starters, we had our first official Red Shoe Project social hour… we called it Red Shoe TweetUp (also #rspchicago for you Twitter users).  With a few days notice, over 35 people showed up for the event!  The very talented Veronica Ludwig of Chicago, IL went the extra mile to gather up the group – Thank you Veronica!

Long story short… the gathering was fantastic!  Lots of red shoes, lots of laughs and a unique opportunity to celebrate!  For those of you that made it out, I thank you!

With some additional wandering around Chicago, I managed to get a few more pictures for the project.  Good times!

In addition to the events, we also had a pretty good submission rate for photos this month.  As a result, you will notice that the clip of the video has sped up.  I also gave it a bit of a classical spin… enjoy!

The next few months look exciting for RSP!  Details are still in the works, but there are talks about additional social events in Florida, Illinois, Mass., Texas and New York.  Do you want to throw a social hour?

Here are a few important updates:

  • The Facebook Group just passed 1,000 members… yay!
  • The new Red Shoe Project website was launched this month –
  • We are raising funds to establish the 501c3… we are about halfway there.

So, join in!  We’d love to have you!

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